A lot of people dip their toes into this Law of Attraction stuff and walk away feeling like it’s a load of you-know-what. They get this false idea that all you have to do is imagine what you want – let’s say a million dollars – then focus your thoughts on it, maybe make a vision board, and voila.

When a check for a million dollars doesn’t show up in the mailbox soon after going through these motions, people scoff and decide the Law of Attraction isn’t real.

These people are missing out on so much that the Universe has to offer, and this misconception about the LOA makes me so sad for them! That’s why I’m here to clear up the confusion for you, because I so strongly believe that everyone needs this in their lives.

So what does everyone get wrong about the Law of Attraction? 

It’s actually quite simple when you break it down. The most important question you can ask yourself as you embark on a quest to harness the law of attraction in your life is simple: WHY?

Let’s go back to that example of the desire for a million dollars.

Why do you want a million dollars? Just because? Because it sounds like a fun, big, round number (and let’s face it, you probably picked that because you wanted to test the LOA with a seemingly impossible challenge, right?).

Here’s the thing: if you don’t ask yourself WHY you want a million dollars, you’ll never be able to manifest that into your reality. Because you want to be able to afford a nicer house, a great car, and better things? Why? What will those things bring you? Status? Pride?

Perhaps you desire a million dollars because to you, that symbolizes financial stability. With financial stability, you have comfort and security. You don’t have to worry about paying bills or sending your child to college if you have a million dollars to invest.

Ah, now we’ve reached your why: I desire financial stability and comfort so I can enjoy life without worry. 

Once you have identified your true desire, you can begin to ASK the Universe to give it to you.

You can start to BELIEVE you can achieve your goal of financial stability. You can see ways to take ACTION in your life to help you reach your goals.

You can begin to recognize when the Universe comes through for you and RECEIVE its gifts.

So, begin your journey by identifying your WHY. If you need help with this, I’m here for you! My book The Attraction Switch teaches you how to identify your true WHY with a step-by-step guide and plan of action.

Leave me a comment or reach out via social media if you get stuck. It is truly my life’s passion to help others achieve their dreams through the Law of Attraction!


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