We were recently asked what makes Limitless Potential different to The Secret. Why should someone invest in our program when they can just grab a copy of the 2006 best-selling book?

There are three main differences between us and Rhonda Byrne’s book. If you’re serious about the Law of Attraction and manifesting your dreams into reality, The Secret isn’t enough. Limitless Potential takes you down the path you need.


While The Secret was a great introduction to the Law of Attraction, it only scratches the surface.

In 2006, the concept of the Law of Attraction was far from mainstream. Byrne’s book accomplished the goal of catapulting this universal truth to the spotlight. People everywhere began talking about manifesting their dreams. Big names like Oprah Winfrey and Jack Canfield endorsed the idea and promoted The Secret. But soon, people began to be disappointed and skeptical about the Law of Attraction. Many failed to get the results they hoped for.

I believe this is because The Secret only scratches the surface. It tells you not to worry about the “How” behind the process, just “Ask, Believe, Receive.” It doesn’t teach you how to take action, how to focus your thoughts, or how to practice gratitude – all vital parts to the Law of Attraction. It’s a good introduction to the theory behind the LOA; it just doesn’t do enough to show you how to make its concepts part of your everyday reality.


The Secret lacks actionable, specific steps to manifest your desires.

The main premise of The Secret is “Ask, Believe, Receive.” That’s it. Sounds simple, right? The problem is that there’s so much more to it than that. Limitless Potential takes you through the entire process of harnessing the Law of Attraction in your life: from teaching you the truths about the Universal Mind to focusing your energy on exactly what you want. We teach you how to tame your inner critic and drown out the negative voices around you.

Another big difference is that Limitless Potential emphasizes Gratitude far more than Byrne does in her book. The Secret mentions gratitude almost in passing, but I believe it’s a key component to the Law of Attraction. My book, The Attraction Switch, focuses an entire chapter on Gratitude alone because it’s so important.


Limitless Potential gives you a guided roadmap to getting what you want from the universe.

In my book The Attraction Switch, I give you the exact steps you need to take to manifest your dreams. I provide you with the specific questions to ask yourself as you begin your journey into the Law of Attraction. I show you how to plan your day down to the minute to fit in meditation, gratitude journaling, and other positive habits. After reading my book, you’ll have a complete roadmap on how (and why!) to make the Law of Attraction a part of your lifestyle.

So, if you’re ready to move beyond the surface of The Secret and into the beautiful and rewarding journey of the Law of Attraction, grab a copy of The Attraction Switch today.


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