Are you ready to start manifesting positive change into your life? If so, you’ve come to the right place. I have a quick, tangible action you can take today to set yourself up for success.

Let’s jump in.

Once you are serious about starting to use the Law of Attraction in your life, you need to take decisive action to signal your subconscious mind that change is coming. The most effective way to do this, in my experience, is to declutter your space.

Clearing your physical space is the first step to opening up your mental space. If you’re going to be asking the Universe to give you what you desire, you have to make space to receive it.

Follow these steps to quickly and easily declutter your space today:

    1. Get a trash bag and take a whirlwind tour through your house, throwing away all visible trash. Get rid of broken items, expired foods and medications, old receipts, socks with holes in them or without a match, and anything else. This initial clean sweep will energize you to keep going.
    2. Tackle your closet. I guess you can Marie Kondo it if you want, but I think she overly complicates the process. Touch each item of clothing in your closet. If you wear it and like it, keep it. If you haven’t worn it in over six months, it doesn’t fit right, or you just don’t like it, toss it. Holes or snags? Toss it. Items in good condition can be donated, but make sure to box or bag it up and send it out of your home the same day.
    3. Declutter your kitchen. Grab every last dish from around the house and bring them to the sink to be washed. Evaluate your kitchen “junk drawer” and aim to cut its contents by 75%. Check the cabinet, fridge, and pantry for expired foods. Get rid of dishes you never use. Do you really need 8 different coffee mugs? Probably not. Finish this room by wiping down all the surfaces to make them shiny and new.
    4. Don’t forget the car. Pick up old receipts, food wrappers, travel mugs, etc., and throw them away or put them in their proper places. Wipe down all surfaces and find a pleasant scent like lavender to use in the car.
    5. Continue throughout your living spaces. In each room, do a visual scan to see where the piles are. What can you toss, donate, or put away neatly? The goal is clean, clear, uncluttered space.

    When you declutter your space, you open up so much mental space for yourself. Only then can you truly be open to receiving what the Universe has for you.

    I’d love to walk with you on your journey into the Law of Attraction. Come visit me on my Facebook page to chat about your next steps. For your exact road map to harnessing the Law of Attraction in your life, check out The Attraction Switch.


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