Hi, I’m Donna Lee, Founder and CEO of Limitless Potential, and my goal is to show you how YOU can make the law of attraction work in your favour, just like I did.

Although I live comfortably now, it hadn’t always been this way.

I was born and raised in New York, but my life journey has taken me to the heart of America.

After a failed marriage, I went to Arizona where I had family nearby.

I had lost the lifestyle I was accustomed to, and was now a single mom to my beautiful daughter, but left struggling to make ends meet.

Sure, I had my own internet business which covered the bills, but I’d hardly call it successful.

At this point I began looking to manifestation, intentions and law of attraction, and after meeting someone else who practiced those methods I utilized them to my advantage and built myself to where I am today.

I have moved from struggling to make ends meet to living in the country with 10 acres with clean air, peaceful atmosphere and a 2400 sq. ft house all thanks to the Universe’s help of course.

Now I’d like to share my experience and knowledge with people like you and help you with building a better life!